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Why Are So Many People In Debt?

We are CONSUMERS! Most people spend way too much money on things they don't need at all. Its not about the thing its about chasing a feeling or something more. It gives us satisfaction for a little while then its on to the next thing. We have so much stuff we actually pay to keep it in other buildings for a monthly fee. That's crazy!

Most people use debt to maintain a lifestyle that is beyond their means. They purchase things they can not afford and it ends up costing them so much more in the long run. Those clothes go out of style, those decorations end up changing, and everything has its time. It takes discipline that most of us just don't have.

Debt comes from a desire to fit in. Society looks down on us if we don't have the coolest kicks, the newest foreign car, and the big old house. The biggest reason so many people are in debt is because of perception. We worry too much about what others think and we end up handcuffing ourselves to things with a short shelf life and don't give ourselves much slack to run around. We often compare ourselves to others lifestyles without knowing the whole truth. Many people suffer from debt and it is a self-inflicted problem.

So the answer is quite simple but we all need to lift each other up. There are more important things to experience in this short life we live than to be always saddled with debt. It's a heavy burden that takes a toll on your health and relationships. Plus debt is just another way to keep people down paying for things with high interest rates that just never go away. So, if you have debt issues and want to get out of debt become a member of today and take the first step to getting yourself out of debt and back into this beautiful little thing we call life!

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