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How Bad Are Americans In Debt?

Bad. Lets just start there!

Americans work so hard to spend so much on stuff they just don't need because we are all consumers. Of everything. In fact, Americans are in so much debt our culture has replaced a focus on valuable family time with a hustle mentality where 2-3 jobs are encouraged and necessary for some. What once were hobbies that we did for fun and to wind down or get away from the every day grind of work have been encourage to now be profitable for all of us which just takes so much away from us.

Student loans, credit cards, and even medical debt are at all time highs. Each clocking in at over 1 Trillion dollars. Yes Trillion dollars with a T. That was not even a real number when I was younger. That was like saying I want a million gajillion dollars. And it constantly gets worst.

Most people show the world their things but behind the scenes are in so much debt they can barely stay a float. Something must be done because they don't talk about it but this is a full blown crisis. The reason you don't hear about it is because debt serves a purpose. Its keeps people down. It makes loans more money with higher interest rates and it is a vicious cycle that some never get off of because of how they choose to spend their money. Thats their choice and life is full of them but remember there are solutions out there that can help. is the best possible way to get out of debt. Its the only solution out there that truly cares about the people and helping them to get out of debt. Check out and see how they can help you get out of debt today.

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