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5 Ways Bad Debt Can Ruin Your Life

Debt can be DEATH. In more ways than one. It affects so many aspects of our lives and has been such a constant that we hardly notice the ill effects that it really has on us all. Debt can actually decide how we live our lives. It can mandate what we do or do not do. What we get and what we don't. And that's not right. We were put on this planet for far more than that so lets take a look at 5 ways debt can ruin your life.

Debt Is Bad For Your Health

The most overlooked way debt is impacting us all is our overall health and well-being. The constant worry and stress about debt is proven to affect so many things and cause serious issues with depression and anxiety which over time can cause bigger problems and eventually lead to your demise. Not to be bleak but its a big problem that doesn't get enough attention when people talk about debt. Our entire system is built on debt so its important to understand the risks and the consequences as we move forward. Ask yourself is it really worth it? Is it all really worth it?

Credit Score

Next is your credit score. This one is so important it should be called your life score, because it literally can and does dictate your life. It makes decisions for us all the time. It can make our lives much easier, but for so many out there it truly makes life miserable. Its important to keep the score up and where it needs to be so these things don't impact you at all. Make sure you are paying things on time and paying them back in general. However, its not always possible, but that is something they are not going to understand. Because they will ruin your life by ruining your credit score. Its a round about way of holding a gun to your head so to speak. Basically what the mob would do if people didn't pay them back. Its more or less the same. They just figured it out. So always take your credit score serious before anything truly bad happens and it will literally protect you when you need it most.

Work Life Balance

Now after we get into debt many have to scramble to make ends meet. Which can force countless people to find other ways to make extra income. Basically taking on a part time or even a second job. Take it one step further. Now a days our hobbies have even been turned into "side hustles" to make us extra money. Which takes the fun all out of it and defeats the purpose of a hobby. Which is a way to decompress and rebalance ourselves with the huge amount of things we all have our plates. Work life balance has become such a buzz word lately but honestly the words are empty because we are all more busy than ever and can feel like we are in over our heads. So take a step back, relax, and make a plan of attack because as mentioned before it has serious ramifications on your health so it is important to give this the attention it deserves.

Saving For Anything

Saving money. For anything at all. College, retirement, that boat you always wanted can be more difficult to achieve when money is being spent before you have it. Add to that the interest being tacked on can make it almost an insurmountable task. Focus on paying debt down anyway possible. Otherwise it can ruin life's biggest moments and always leave you two steps behind. And that is now way to live.

Big Life Purchases

Having bad debt can make it extremely hard to get things you need in life. Like a good car or even just a starter home. The cost of being in debt can be severe, because you are being taxed along the way. Can't get a car? Have to buy an older, higher mileage, more expensive car, with an even higher interest rate. So it won't last as long it will need work sooner rather than later and it is just a vicious cycle that you get stuck in. These things are detrimental to our lives but its the hidden costs that no one really talks about. However, there are solutions.

Try They specialize in debt forgiveness and serve a singular purpose. Getting people out of debt. So if you need help along the way try it out because they are the only ones out there right now working to actually help people. Unlike debt collectors who could care less about you and will do whatever they can to get their money. Even if it means hurting your life, which they do every single day.

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