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How It Works

We Buy Debt. We Forgive It

Forgivey is a membership service that can provide so many life-changing benefits.


Membership gives you access to valuable content that can help you deal with debt. Letters, eBooks, articles, and much more can provide a strong foundation as you work to tackle credit card debt, medical debt, student loan debt and everything else out there you might have become ensnared in along the way. But most importantly membership with Forgivey makes you eligible for debt forgiveness. You heard that right debt forgiveness.

See what we do is we buy debt and we forgive it. That is our entire reason for even existing. It is our sole purpose and our only mission, to get our members out of debt. It is really quite simple. If you are a member of Forgivey and we buy a debt in your name we forgive it right then and there. BOOM! Gone. And it is on to the next one.

It is important to note membership only makes you eligible for debt forgiveness. We cannot guarantee any debt forgiveness because at this time we have no way to target specific accounts nor do we forgive the debts of non-members.

Become A Member Today!



Become A Member

With every new member Forgivey can buy more and more debt


We Buy Debt

We buy debt in large portfolios, many accounts at a time.

*At this time we cannot target specific accounts


Debt Is Forgiven

If you are a member you will receive an email from Forgivey if your debt has been forgiven.

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